Month 1

Week 1

Day 1

Register the sites with Google Webmaster tool, Yahoo Site Explorer,
Live’s Webmaster Central.

Day 2

Register the site with Dmoz, Yahoo Directory and Best of the Web.

Day 3

Benchmark current pages indexed, benchmark amount of back links, benchmark Google page rank.

Day 4

Download G Site Crawler and crawl the website, examine duplicate content, error pages, export metatags.

Day 5

Analyze metatags in relevance to individual page content.

Day 6


Day 7

Week 2

Day 1

Optimize metatags.

Day 2

Optimize content.

Day 3

Analyze internal linking structure.

Day 4

Analyze inbound or external linking structure.

Day 5

Optimize on-site links.

Week 3

Begin link building campaign.
Write five variations of titles and descriptions for directories.
Research and submit to five free directories.
Research and submit to three paid directories.
Engage four social media sites and build out optimized profiles.

Week 4

Complete optimizing metatags for existing site.
Complete and optimize content for existing site.
Set up a blog.
Create a press release

Month 2

Add one page of content per week to the website.
Add two blog posts per week.
Add one press release per month.
Engage in six hours of link building.

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