Success Stories

I really can’t believe it, the SEO Diet really works!!! I’ve tried so many diets before, but nothing ever worked, my website never looked this good. I feel like a whole new person, a total powerful entrepreneur. I’ve sold so much product in the past few weeks and had tons of conversions. Visitors were filling out forms right and left. I could hardly keep up with the traffic. I’ve been adding web pages to my website every week just like the diet said, and writing blogs about my product. And the results are amazing. I’m looking forward to implementing more supporting strategies. Thanks for all the help SEO
- Amy Spencer, Miami, FL

A friend told me about your website, because he knew I was building my own. I worked together with a programmer and a graphic designer, but still needed help when it came to optimizing. I mean what good is a website if you don’t have traffic, right? So I thought I’d give the SEO Diet a chance, and let me tell you the results are nothing short of miraculous. I followed it to a tee, didn’t even cheat once or try to get out of doing the work. And boy, did it pay off. You see, I sell costume jewelry online and the sales can be very seasonal…but by adding web pages to my website, doing the blogs and the link building, I started to get more and more visitors even during the off season. The SEO Diet really helped me set up shop and convert numerous visitors into repeat customers. I’m never getting off the SEO Diet, it’s really the lifestyle for me.
- James Levy, New York, NY

I’ve had a website for about three years now and I needed to take it to the next level. I needed to get more visitors, I needed them to stay and interact with my website longer and of course, I needed them to buy my product. So I knew SEO was the way to go. I found the SEO Diet online and it has changed my life. A little dramatic, but true. I only had about 18 pages on my website, today, three months later, there’s a ton of content. Articles, archived newsletters and so much more information that potential customers are interested in. I’m so grateful to the SEO Diet, it really put me on track and I’m hoping to maintain my website and keep growing in the right direction. Today, my website is the picture of perfection. I couldn’t have done it without the SEO Diet.
- Frank Melbourne, Austin, TX

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