how anchor text works with SEO

How Anchor Text Works in SEO

Anchor text is an important factor to consider when analyzing the SEO on a webpage, article, or blog. Understanding how anchor text works in SEO will help you increase your link building opportunities which, in turn, will improve your expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T).

What Is Anchor Text?

According to the SEO Diet, “anchor text is the text used in a link.” Search engines such as Google or Bing use the text in the link to assign it to the page it is pointing to and so do users. In other words, the anchor text should describe the page it’s linking to. Anchor text has always been used on websites. In fact, if you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve definitely seen it but never thought about what it was called. Often, anchor text is a different color, usually blue, and sometimes underlined to distinguish it as a link to another page. One of the most ubiquitous anchor text examples is Click Here.

How to Determine Appropriate Anchor Text

Now that you have an idea about how anchor text works in SEO, you need to know how to figure out what text you should use. The keywords you use in the anchor text should be descriptive and relevant to the landing page.

Keywords are important not only to optimize the page they are on but are great examples of anchor text you can use on other pages to link back to the original page. The link will hold more weight when placed with keyword-rish anchor text. If the link involves an action such as download or click, you should specify what it is the user is downloading or clicking. For example, instead of the word Download alone, try Download this link to Development White Paper.1 This helps people know what exactly they are downloading. It’s much more descriptive compared to just the word Download, which gives users no other information.

Why You Need Anchor Text

You need anchor text to help increase the number of backlinks to your website, which is necessary in order to increase your E-A-T, one of the biggest content trends for 2020. However, now that you understand how anchor text works in SEO, keep in mind that you shouldn’t stuff your content with keywords and links because it will dilute the effectiveness.

If you wish to learn more about anchor text or other basics of SEO, you can read more by picking up a copy of the SEO Diet book online.



SEO Diet – Chapter 26: The Importance of Anchor Text

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