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A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Keywords

Keywords are a vital component of successful SEO, and it all starts with keyword research. For many people, SEO keywords are elusive and choosing the right keywords can feel like a guessing game. In Chapters 8, 9, and 12 of The SEO Diet, Joe Laratro explains how to choose keywords. There are several SEO keyword tools you can take advantage of to choose the right keywords.

How to Choose the Right SEO Keywords

Whether you’re writing an SEO blog, a blog about boating, or any other type of blog, you need the right keywords. Put simply, keywords are how your customers and readers will find you, so you want to choose the most pertinent keywords. Follow these tips for SEO keyword research so you’re choosing SEO keywords that will serve you the best:

  • Follow Google Trends to explore what searchers are looking up on Google.
  • Use SEO keyword tools like SEMrush to explore which keywords on your website are already doing well and which could use some help. SEO keyword research tools can also help you identify related keywords and phrases.
  • Dig through SERPs by googling keywords and see what related phrases pop up in the People Also Search For section under the results and other phrases that show up in the Google Waterfall.
  • Check your Analytics and Search Console reporting for direct information from Google about which pages are doing well.

As you can see, the biggest tip for choosing the right keywords is research. The above keyword research tools and techniques can help you identify keyword opportunities to help your site rank for the right phrases.

SEO Keyword Tips

When choosing and using SEO keywords, remember some important tips:

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  • Avoid keyword stuffing, which is when keywords are shoved into content in an unnatural way
  • Don’t choose keywords that searchers aren’t looking for, consider keyword volume
  • Sprinkle in geo-specific keywords if you’re trying to get local customers, such as “sushi restaurant in Fort Lauderdale” rather than just “sushi restaurant”
  • Use keyword variations
  • Make sure the keywords are relevant to the content you’re writing

For more tips on keywords, pick up your copy of The SEO Diet. You can also contact our SEO experts to discover more approaches to effective SEO.

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