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Banish Junk Food – Bad SEO Practices to Avoid

Any diet can be ruined by a big round of junk food bingeing, and SEO is no different. Months or years of proper SEO practices can be derailed by bad SEO practices. You’ll find plenty of tips for proper site optimization on our SEO blog, but what about things to avoid when marketing your site?

What is Black Hat SEO?

SEO practices are often organized in two types – black hat and white hat. Black hat SEO is the utilization of manipulative, deceptive, and often forbidden SEO techniques in efforts to quickly boost a site’s rankings in Google.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, is using good tactics rather than bad tactics to boost your site’s presence. The SEO Diet outlines white hat SEO tips and tricks so businesses can master online marketing without breaking the rules of search. This includes content writing tips and link building tips. You’ll find a link building guide in Chapter 27 of The SEO Diet.

SEO Practices to Avoid

There’s a lot of information out there on how to market your website online, but how do you separate bad tactics from good ones? It’s helpful to know common bad SEO practices that many sites use. Bad SEO practices to avoid include:

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Paid Link Building on Link Farms
  • Blog Spam
  • Never Updating Your Strategy
  • SEO Cloaking, in which content is presented differently to search engines than users
  • Stealing content
  • Not Doing any SEO

Yes, avoiding SEO altogether is one bad tactic to avoid. After all, if you’re not trying to optimize your business for the right people online, your competitors are likely taking your ranking spots.

How to Win at SEO

Good SEO doesn’t happen by accident, it’s something businesses must work at diligently if they’re ready to make it to the top of rankings. We suggest picking up your copy of The SEO Diet for expert SEO tips, tricks, and guidance from SEO guru Joe Larato. Our book outlines the right tactics for digital marketing and provides useful information for every aspect.

If SEO feels out of your hands, call on SEO professionals who can take care of the work for you. When hiring an SEO company, make sure that their promises don’t sound too good to be true and be sure to check verified reviews of the company.

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