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Basic SEO Terms to Understand

Our book was written by SEO experts who want you to have the power of SEO for your business. There are several key terms that are fundamental to understanding SEO. We’ve put together this SEO glossary of terms to help you understand the fundamentals of search engine optimization.

SEO Glossary of Terms

We’ve put together a starter SEO glossary of terms to understand some fundamentals of SEO. This glossary doesn’t contain all the SEO terms across the web, but it’s a good start for grasping some beginner components of good online marketing.


The technology Google and other search engines use to understand the web and present search results to users. Constantly updated so search users get the best results.

Alt Text

This is the text description of an image. Alt text can contain keywords, but it’s most important for helping any visually impaired user access your website. Alt text needs to properly describe the image.


The text and images on your website. This can include main pages and blogs. Chapter 18 of The SEO Diet has tips on how to create relevant content in blogs.

GMB Listing

This is an abbreviation for Google My Business, a vital tool for local SEO. Your GMB listing is your business’s location on Google Maps. It should contain photos, information about your business, hours, and a link to your website.


These are important phrases users enter on search engines like Google to find results. Keywords should be used in website content, metadata, alt text, and other applications to help your site rank.


A cluster of coding that points to other parts of the web, connecting one page to another. Good SEO uses linking between pages on the business website and other trusted sites across the web.


This is what typically shows up under a website’s title tag in SERPs. The meta should contain keywords and entice searchers to click on your page.


An abbreviation for Search Engine Results Page, this is the page of results on Google or other search engines.


An abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, the term for optimizing websites and content for optimal positioning on SERPs.

Site Speed

A measurement of how quickly a website loads. Site speed is an important factor for SEO, with faster sites performing better.

SSL Certificate

An abbreviation for secure sockets layer, an SSL Certificate is an extra step of security all sites need to protect data. Your SSL certificate affects SEO, with SSL certificates making sites more favorable for rankings.

Understanding SEO

These are only a few common SEO terms to understand when learning about digital marketing. For more tips and terms, pick up your copy of The SEO Diet by Joe Laratro. Our book includes all the terms and techniques you need to shape up your business’ online presence.


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