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How to Do SEO

Are you on a journey to learn SEO on your own? With the help of the SEO Diet, you can learn some of the most important SEO secrets, as well as learn SEO step by step to become a search engine marketing expert! While there is so much to dabble in when it comes to the world of digital marketing, below are some tips to take into consideration when creating an organic strategy for your website. If you take the time to learn all the secrets of the trade and follow our guidance, you can learn how to do SEO all on your own.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Keywords

Keywords are a vital component of successful SEO, and it all starts with keyword research. For many people, SEO keywords are elusive and choosing the right keywords can feel like a guessing game. In Chapters 8, 9, and 12 of The SEO Diet, Joe Laratro explains how to choose keywords. There are several SEO keyword tools you can take advantage of to choose the right keywords.


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Banish Junk Food – Bad SEO Practices to Avoid

Any diet can be ruined by a big round of junk food bingeing, and SEO is no different. Months or years of proper SEO practices can be derailed by bad SEO practices. You’ll find plenty of tips for proper site optimization on our SEO blog, but what about things to avoid when marketing your site?


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Basic SEO Terms to Understand

Our book was written by SEO experts who want you to have the power of SEO for your business. There are several key terms that are fundamental to understanding SEO. We’ve put together this SEO glossary of terms to help you understand the fundamentals of search engine optimization.