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Keywords to Consider for Your Content Strategy

Any good SEO agency will tell you how important keywords are when you are trying to increase traffic to your website. In the SEO Diet, we break down the three different types of keywords to consider. When you’re choosing the right keywords for your next content strategy, it’s important to think about your intent.

What Are Research Keywords?

Research is vital when you’re choosing keywords for your content strategy. Research is also the first step people take in the buying process. Think like a user researching the types of products or services you offer: what information are they looking for? What words or phrases would they use in their initial queries? When you answer those questions, you are better able to develop a content strategy that includes relevant content people are looking for using the broad keywords and phrases people use. Research keywords are more difficult to rank for, however. According to Chapter 9 in the SEO Diet, research keywords are usually broad and generally ask for a review or comparison, so they are pretty competitive to rank for. Sites that are ranking for well for those broad terms are generally large, established companies that people already trust.

But just because research keywords are difficult to rank for doesn’t mean they should be excluded. Instead, “choose a handful of research keywords that you would like to optimize your site for.”

What Are Shopping Keywords

After a person has passed the research phase of their buying process, they’re a little bit more informed so their search terms will be more specific and include a qualifier or modifier such as a particular brand or product. These are the shopping keywords to consider for your content strategy.

Just as the research keyword market is competitive, so are shopping keywords. Since shopping keywords are a little more specific, it might be more difficult to optimize and their search volume might be low but you have a better chance of generating the kind of traffic you want in order to achieve the goals you have set for your site. It might be a little tricky to naturally include shopping keywords in content sometimes but they are an integral part of your organic search optimization campaign that should not be overlooked.

What Are Buying Keywords?

When people are closer to a buying decision, they’ll search even more specific queries that might include the model number, color, size, year, location and other descriptors of the product or service. These will be your buying keywords to consider for your content strategy.

Buying keywords generate the most desirable kind of traffic for your website because they are the most likely to convert since they are ready to purchase. Of the three different types of keywords discussed, buying keywords are the lowest hanging fruit, so to speak, so they will be easiest to rank for, especially if you’re in a niche market. The traffic generated by these keywords is more likely to result in a lead or a sale, depending on what your goal is for the site.

If you want to learn more about the different kinds of keywords to consider for your content strategy or you’d like to generate more traffic to your website, you can pick up a copy of the SEO Diet book here.


SEO Diet – Chapter 9: Different Kinds of Keywords

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