seo checklist

End of Year SEO Checklist

As 2019 draws to a close, it’s time to reevaluate your SEO strategy. As a gift to all of our dedicated readers, we’ve outlined a few items you should include on your end of year SEO checklist. Finish the year strong and prepare for 2020 with these top SEO tips.


site migration

The Basics of a Site Migration SEO Checklist

A well-organized SEO site migration checklist is crucial for your website. Below are the steps outlined in the SEO Diet book to help you plan, implement, and monitor the migration.


importance of keywords

The Importance of Keywords in SEO

One of the most important components of optimizing your web page is the appropriate use of keyword phrases. In the context of your SEO diet plan, think of keywords as the protein. Protein works as a building block for your tissues and cells. In your business, keywords are the building blocks for traffic to your site.1 SEO keywords range from single words to long-tail phrases. When they’re researched and optimized within your content, they’re what’s allowing the readers you’re targeting to find what they’re looking for out of their search query.


SSL certificate security

Why You Need an SSL Certificate

If you are new to the world of digital marketing and are getting ready to launch your first site, it is crucial to know the golden rule of the World Wide Web: Google put its users first. The search engine giant is always coming up with new ways to give users everything they want from the internet, from how to bake a cake to the cheapest gas station near you. Though its goal is to provide answers, Google is also very serious about browser security. This is why you want to make sure that you secure an SSL certificate when you are creating a website for a business. (more…)

search engine algorithm

About Search Engine Algorithms

Have you ever wondered how a search engine works? While they’re somewhat of a mystery, we can share some SEO secrets and explain to you the most basic information regarding how search engine algorithms work.


seo terms dictionary

Common SEO Terms

Digital marketers all over the world use search engine marketing terminology when communicating with others in the industry. There are a countless number of terms related to search engine optimization, and we’ll touch on a few important ones below. Understanding the language is one of the first steps to learning the SEO basics. Become familiarized with the following SEO terms before you dive deep into the SEO Diet.