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Are Press Releases Still Relevant?

Press releases are different than articles, blogs, or white papers. These pieces of content generally include a few paragraphs with a newsworthy topic. However, are press releases still relevant for SEO purposes in today’s world of the internet?

Do Press Releases Help SEO Efforts?

From an online perspective, well-written press releases with targeted keywords can do wonders for your SEO efforts. For instance, if news publishers begin to talk about your business, you can acquire backlinks from these news sites, which typically hold high domain authorities.

As one of the helpful SEO tools for your website, press releases can increase your website’s visibility, as well as the name recognition of your brand – especially if the release is being posted on numerous reputable websites.

The Relevancy of Press Releases in 2019

As an easy way to spread accurate news coverage about your brand, press releases have been a means to reach interested readers for years on end. While it may seem like they’re a thing of the past, these pieces of content became “less popular” once digital marketers began spamming journalists and news sites for easy links back to their site. However, press releases are still relevant in 2019. If you’re focusing on the right means to portray information about your business, your press release will show relevance to readers and Google alike.

How to Properly Structure a Press Release

  2. Attention-grabbing headline with newsy information
  3. Paragraph outlining the story, including the who, what, where, when, and why
  4. Paragraph with supporting evidence and quote from an expert
  5. Paragraph concluding the story
  6. Informational paragraph with a brief history of the company, skills, and contact details


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