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About Search Engine Algorithms

Have you ever wondered how a search engine works? While they’re somewhat of a mystery, we can share some SEO secrets and explain to you the most basic information regarding how search engine algorithms work.


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Common SEO Terms

Digital marketers all over the world use search engine marketing terminology when communicating with others in the industry. There are a countless number of terms related to search engine optimization, and we’ll touch on a few important ones below. Understanding the language is one of the first steps to learning the SEO basics. Become familiarized with the following SEO terms before you dive deep into the SEO Diet.


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7 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Anyone looking to shape up their social presence needs a good SEO strategy. Whether you are new to the game or looking for some new tricks, these seven tips will help you effectively build a strong marketing presence. Starting with the basics, effective keywords are just that – the key to success!