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3 Reasons Why You Need Google Analytics for Business Growth

Google Analytics is an underestimated tool that is used to track the growth of your business. By using Google Analytics, an SEO agency or even business owners can monitor the progress or errors that occur within your business. If you just take the time to learn a little about why you need Google Analytics for business growth, your business can prosper in ways you never imagined.

It Costs Nothing

In a world where everything costs money and businesses have tight budgets, it can be hard to find anything that is free that can improve your business. The good news is that Google Analytics is free, meaning it costs nothing for you to start using this useful resource and is a good place to start for business growth.


It Helps You See Your Best Content

One of the reasons why you need Google Analytics for business growth is to monitor how that content is performing on your site. According to the SEO Diet, the bounce rate will allow you to view the percentage of users who leave the page without any interaction or further exploration of the site. You can also look at changes in the search pattern by using the search feature and analyze how inbound links are growing.


Know if Your Business is Achieving “Goals”

Google Analytics also has a tool that allows you to keep track of goal completions. The goal for each site varies, but the business owner defines their goal(s) when they set up Analytics tracking on their site. Google Analytics can then keep track of how many users are following through to goal completion. You can also set up numerous goals to study each one. This is an excellent resource for business growth. Once you complete that you will be able to develop campaigns with that information because you’ll see what visitors are interested in.


Google Analytics is Simple and Easy

The real question is: why aren’t you using Google Analytics for your business? Google Analytics might look confusing at first, but once you understand how the system works, you can use it to your advantage. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or know how to do SEO, all you need is practice and research. If this is something that does interest you and you want to know more about why you need Google Analytics for business growth, pick up a copy of the SEO Diet here. In this book, SEO expert, Joe Laratro provides helpful information on everything from Google Analytics to how you can grow your business online.




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